Cass Art Own Brand Paper Pads combine exceptional quality with outstanding value. Designed by leading agency, our paper pads explore the mark-making of different mediums, revealing a fresh aesthetic on the front of the blank pages awaiting your own designs. From cartridge and marker pads to watercolour and oil the great variety of surface and size means that you will always have a pad to match your need – from painting on the go to large scale graphite drawings.

Each pad is based on the same simple idea; to represent the media directly on the cover. And so we started by asking artists their reasons for buying different papers; Why do you buy heavyweight cartridge? What can you do with it? Is it to draw on it, what medium can you use on it? Can wet mediums be used on it, is it better for drawing? What tooth does it have? Is it better for charcoal?

The challenge was to express a commonality that would connect the range. For example, the Smooth Pressed Pad, has the same swashes of watercolour, but with cartridge it’s all sorts of things. From charcoal to graphite to rolling out pink ink on it to light washes of colour, the qualities of the paper broadens your choice of colour and variety of mark making. So we chose to make the heavy weight red and all the regular weight black, then you have instant visual recognition – a type of coding system.

Some are self-evident, if its Acrylic and Oil then you use the medium to express the quality of the material, but with Mixed Media we could be more experimental as the properties of the paper allowed you to stick things on, as well as roller a bit of ink across it.”


These postcard-sized pads contain 15 sheets of good-quality 300gsm watercolour paper, each measuring 148mm x 100mm – a handy size that’s particularly suitable when you’re out and about and don’t want to lug a larger pad around. Artist and Cass Art Professional Ambassador Ingrid Sanchez recently created a wonderful step-by-step guide using the Cass Art Watercolour Postcard Pad, Cass Art Watercolour paints as a base and highlighting in titanium white Cass Art Studio Acrylic. 

“I like using the postcard pads to test colours, make colour swatches and some times make small demos for my students. Usually I end up with a beautiful small piece that I can use as ‘Thank you’ notes for my customers. I find this an original and personal way to send something special to those who support my business.”

This cold pressed Cass Art Watercolour Pad contains 12 sheets of high-quality 300gsm watercolour paper, gummed along one side so the sheets are easy to tear off. The paper for added longevity and is lightly textured, perfect for working with watercolour and durable enough to hold several washes of paint. Francesco Lo Iacono, Cass Art Professional Ambassador, Fashion Illustrator and Artist shows us what this brilliant pad can do with his illustrations of these illustrious shoes.