Photography for Kids


  • Photography fundamentals―Discover how a camera works, what makes a photo good, and a checklist for getting started.
  • Example photos―Explore high-quality photographs that illustrate the concepts you’re learning and inspire you to get creative.


A good photo can tell a story, express your creativity, and document moments from your life in a way that only you can capture. Learn how to create incredible images that are uniquely yours with this guide to photography for kids. All you need is the most basic digital camera or smartphone camera―no fancy equipment required. You’ll learn all about framing, composition, lighting, depth, dimension, and lines. Then, put your new knowledge into practice with engaging exercises that include step-by-step instructions.

This book about photography for kids includes:

Tips and how-tos―Find pointers that explain the technical details of great photos and show you ways to make adjustments in a variety of real-life situations.
Discover the joy of photography with this beginner-friendly book about photography for kids.