Essential Paris Travel Tips: Secrets, Advice & Insight for a Perfect Paris Vacation


This Paris travel guide covers:

  • Sightseeing tips.
  • Insider insight on museums and attractions.
  • Advice on eating and drinking like locals and with locals.
  • Safety, etiquette, and cultural information.


Essential Paris Travel Tips offers invaluable advice on little-known nooks and crannies, quintessential eating experiences, and saving time and money for an exceptional Paris vacation. Chock-full of Paris travel tips from a longtime Paris visitor and veteran travel writer.

Few cities on Earth induce such passion, such wonderment as Paris. France’s capital, long drawing artists, writers, bon vivant, world leaders, fashionistas, and travelers, holds an unassailable position in the hearts and minds of all who have ever strolled her tangled streets.

There’s simply something about Paris. It’s not only the plethora of illustrious art, seemingly endless museum halls, or acclaimed café scenes. Paris seems to create its own heartbeat.  The city invites you to tap this vein and forever see the world and yourself differently.